And The Journey Begins…

I spent today looking for a background for my blog and uploading my blogroll. I added all my classmates to it that way I can keep track of what their ideas, jokes, and days are like. As I have always been accustomed to believing, one idea always leads to another.

This is my first week with all 5 classes. I am glad I was gradually thrown back into the education world. I was afraid this week would be so overwhelming that I would give up before I started, which I am notorious for doing, but I didn’t! I owe it all to my friends and family for telling me ‘You CAN do this!!!!’

I have to give a special shout out to my twin sister for pushing me along this week. She has fixed dinner and had it ready or me by the time I got home each night as well as organized me for the massive amount of work I have ahead of me. I know that she is one of the main reasons I survived this first week. So here’s to you Sissy!
It’s all down hill from here…..right?



  1. Brandy Martin Said:

    What up.. well i wanna know how to add a blog roll to mine.. but im on blogger.. what would you suggest is better.. blogger or wordpress and why?

    well i do like the back ground you chose good job!

    and good job on the full time school.. i too am a fellow full times with 5 classes and 3/4 times work.. but well we’ll have to cheer eachother on ..

    good job at taking a STAB at it lol


  2. Mp Said:

    Good luck with your journey.


  3. klcrawford Said:

    I like your site. Good luck with school – its like riding a bike: keep pedaling, okay to coast a little, but don’t get off the bike!

    Oh, and I think you are soooo lucky to have a sister, let alone a twin. I never had a sister – two brothers. Now I have a daughter and SHE has two brothers!

  4. Angel Said:

    Your blog AND web page are looking fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you do with them! Thank you, for supporting my endeavors as well… it’s nice to have someone believe in you. I’ll keep the food coming if you keep working hard!

    Hugs and kisses! Love ya!

  5. plauts Said:

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