Speedbump #1,2,3….

Ok, yes…..it’s been a long time since I posted a blog….and here’s why:

I am working full time, going to school full time and trying to have some what of a social life. 24 hours in a day is NOT ENOUGH!! My day starts out with an incredibly loud alarm clock that I hate. I’ve had it since High School…(thinking about buying something more welcoming at 5:45 in the morning to wake me up). Once I get up it’s time to run around the house getting all the things together I need for the class that day and work as well. Then it’s on the road heading to work.

Since my company has decided to move it’s corporate offices from Dallas to Detroit I have spent the last 2 weeks training. In other words…my life as I know it will never be the same. I used to have lunch hours where I could do homework and then there were sneaky breaks I took between jobs in order to blog, research and other things related to school….but no more! Now, I stare at someone else doing my job telling them…no, yes, that’s good, now do this….and onnnnn…and onnnnnn. It’s mind numbing!!!!!!

So from there I go to class from Monday to Thursday night. I don’t get home before 10:00 pm. Once I get home my WONDERFUL sister has dinner waiting for me at her house. I get a moment to vent and tell someone how tired I am. After that it’s time to get ready for bed and then do homework until I can’t keep my eyes open any more. I barely have time to get 4 hours of sleep at night only to get up and do it all over again.

That is speed bump number 1 through….about 20. The biggest speedbump I had to get over is dedicated to my Internet Studio class. The requirements for the class were 2 books, web design and Dreamweaver 8. So, I go and buy the books. Next class I realize what a dumb ass I am…I forgot to buy the software. Soooo….I got and buy Dreamweaver 8. Get to class and realize I need Adobe Photoshop CS2 too!! Ok, so I buy the software and guess what???? My home computer isn’t new enough or have enough memory…or whatever…it just wasn’t good enough!!!! So I beg my teacher to give me some more time so I can buy a new computer. Ok, Dell builds me a new computer I get it, I get my website created…some what…and then I get news that I have 3 tests in 2 classes coming up.



  1. Angel Said:

    It WILL get better! That job will be over soon and 24 hours in a day WILL be enough for you to accomplish everything you need to. I know I’ve said it before, but i’ll say it again, I am so proud of you!! Proud that you actually took a step in a direction for Aimee. You’ve spent way too long making excuses so that other peoples lives will be better. I cannot express in words what it means to me that you finally put yourself in spot #1!!! I will do whatever it takes to support you and to keep you going. I know how hard school can be… and it only gets more difficult the further along you go. YOU CAN DO IT!! I know deep in my heart that there isn’t anything that can stop you now from acheiving your ultimate goal!! We’re doing this together – so don’t ever forget that you’re not alone! Love you, Sis!!

  2. emac3326 Said:

    a couple of things. i agree with you about steve irwin. my wife and i have a soft spot for him because we used to watch his shows with our daughter, who was young then, and we all enjoyed his exploits. he’s one of those people who, when they are gone, leave a big hole in our collective heart.

    i realize you are super busy. we all are. but you’re young, ambitious, and good things will come to pass from all this hard work. really. trust me. i worked through all my undergrad years, but instead of getting home at 10 i’d get home by 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning, and it wasn’t from partying — ok, a little of it was, maybe an hour. i worked full time, went to class full time, and ate a heck of a lot of macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza. and while this sounds crazy, maybe self-serving, embrace the chaos and keep your eye on the prize, whatever that may be. you guys are all very smart, so keep plugging away because, one day, you will be out of school, working, married, with a kid … and just as f*ing busy as you are now.

    one last note: don’t feel you need to blog big long entries. a sentence or two, a graph here and a graph there, will suffice and help you understand stories, work on your writing, whatever …

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