Steve Irwin

I wanted to post a blog to honor Steve Irwin when I found out he died. This man changed my life in so many ways. I’m sure he affected so many people that way as well. I have heard stories and read emails people have sent describing the way he changed them.

There was a time in my life that I worked, went home, went to bed and got up to do the same thing all over again…day after day after day. One day my husband (ex now) was watching the Steve Irwin show. I fell in love! Who couldn’t have…he was so enchanting and hilarious and sincere. I found myself wishing my husband had the same qualities as Steve. I became addicted to his shows. I was excited to actually go home now. Instead of working 12-14 hour days I left at a normal time so I wouldn’t miss an episode. I guess you can say I discovered happiness again with his shows.

So, when my sister called and told me he had been killed my heart broke. How could someone invinsible die!!??!! How could this be possible? The world needs him! I sat all day on the 4th and watched CNN. The tears fell with out me calling them. I don’t remember eating….If fact I don’t remember doing anything except staring at that screen praying what I was hearing and seeing wasn’t true.

I still get choked up when I think about him. I went to the mall with my sister on Sunday and G.W. Exotic Animal Foundation was there with baby tigers. There must have been 10 of them. On the sign it said you could sit for 8 minutes and pet them for $25. I wanted to do it so badly but the wait was too long. I stood there….staring…hearing Steve’s voice in my head. Seeing him and remembering his love for animals such as these. I had to walk away for a while because the emotions were too overwhelming!

That night when I got home I finally concluded that he will always have that special place inside me. And I hope that people will remember him for years to come. I hope there are people that will follow in his footsteps and that his children will be as big in conservation as he was.

 Steve Irwin & baby tigerTo Steve….You WILL be Missed!!!!!


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